Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

I hope you all had a great time and all the best for 2011! :)

Here are some pics from Frankfurt, Brussels and Washington D.C.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Post

I am currently expecting this gorgy '05 Seafoam Twiggy and can't wait! I've never owned a Twiggy but the First is simply too small for my needs and the City is perfect for my needs so let's see what the Twiggy has to offer. I have also never seen and felt '04 Balenciaga Leather in real life so I'm really excited. I also think the color is absolutely gorgeous.

Here is also a cute recent pic of my DH and me after a night out in London. Enjoy :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Lust Item

Oh Balenciaga- you've done it again! I am completely in love with this gorgeous jacket and really want one for fall/winter! The only thing I am hesitant about is spending $1995USD on jacket in Ivory... I certainly would wear it all the time but it might get dirty and look used quickly....

It does have the perfect cut to go from day to night though and I could wear it with my entire wardrobe! hmmm what to do... :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thank you for featuring me in your blog, Dannique!:)

The Perfect Outfit

Jennifer Aniston always seems to get it right lately. I love this entire outfit and look- head to toe! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I wore at my brother's wedding last year

*Rene Lezard Purple Dress
*Pink Hermes Thin PM Bracelet
*White Balenciaga GSH Flat Clutch
*Cream Steve Madden Pumps

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the mail #2

I'm giving the Bal First another shot. I've owned a '05 Black First in the oast with the most gorgeous leather but sold it cuz I wanted to expand my collection. I was so new to Balenciaga back then (in spring 2006) that I still had to figure our my perfect size. I went from loving the First to the City, to the Purse (discontinued in 2005), to the Work back to the City. I think I've easily gone through around 20 bags and am now certain that the City is the perfect size for me- from day to night. I still think that the First has the cutest look overall but it's juts a tad too small to be the perfect every day bag. I'm sure this little cutie will brighten my days off or nights out though and can't wait for it to arrive! :)

My current Bal collection includes:
'05 Turquoise First
'05 Apple Green City
'05 Turquoise City
'05 Magenta City
'06 Black City
'07 Black Work
'08 White GSH Clutch
'08 Black City
'08 Electric Blue Coin Purse
'08 Magenta Coin Purse
'08 Turquoise Coin Purse

Sunday, June 6, 2010

**In the Mail**

I have been using my '06 Black City all the time since 2006 and it is starting to show some wear ( I use my colored '05 BBags a lot, too, but this one is my go-to staple which I don't have to baby- and trust me- I baby my colored '05 beauties! ).

Surprisingly the wear is mainly around the piping area around the opening of the bag and the handle piping (where the leather comes together)- the corners are still in perfect condition 4 years down the road.

I am definitely a die hard '05 leather fan and nearly all of my bags are from '05 these days so I obviously started my search for on '05 Black City. I have to say that I was pretty shocked by what people would charge for really beat up, old '05 black cities. I'm talking scuffed corners and piping, completely matte, worn leather etc. I would not even consider paying nearly double the retail price for that. I frankly think it's pretty rude to charge that much for a worn out bag.

I have therefore decided to give a new BBag a shot. I spent some time education myself about the newer leathers since my biggest fear is getting a BBag that will fade (eww!!!) so I definitely decided against '07 SS and FW. I found this stunning '08 FW Black City on and talked to Corey about the leather and color depth of this beauty and am now convinced that the leather is stunning and not going to fade. It pretty much looks and feels like an '05 Black City and I can't wait for this beauty to arrive! :)

My Best Friend's BDay :)

We had a really great night- couldn't have been better :) We've been best friends since we were 13 (we're both 26 now) and our freindship has definitely stood the test of time since we spent more than half of that time on different continents ( Europe, US, Australia) but always managed to stay in touch. We've definitely gone through life's ups and downs together and have always been there for each other. We're finally on the same continent again and are both living together with our boyfriends in London now and couldn't be happier :)

My outfit:
Chanel pearl necklace (LOVE it! One of my best buys ever)

My engagement ring (my favorite accessory <3)

H&M white tank top

Hudson jeans (my favorite jeans brand- they suit my shape and proportions the best)

Tony Bianco light grey pumps (one of the few Oz brands I miss- they make such comfy, stylish shoes!)

Tom Taylor black leather jacket (my SO got this gorgeous jacket for me and the leather is just as lush as it is on my '05 Balenciagas- amazing!! Love it! You can see it in the group pic of my post below)

'06 Balenciaga Black City (Eternally classic- what can I say? :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pictures of us out and about in London :)

Me, my fiance, my best friend and her SO
My darling and I

We're getting married in 6 weeks so I'll be posting lots of pics after that! I'm already really excited! :)

We're having a very small, civil wedding this year and a big church wedding in Vienna mid next year :)

Hope you're all well and happy!

Much love,



Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hi Ladies! :)

I am finally back! I spent the last year traveling around Europe and have finally settled in London! I found a job I'm really excited to start next Monday and, in addition to that, my ex and I decided to get back together. He flew me out to a romantic vacation in Prague and proposed to me on the Charles bridge on my birthday in January! :) He's moving here at the end of April and we're having our little civil ceremony this July here in London. The big church wedding will be in Vienna mid next year. I'll share my wedding planning progress for both on this blog with you! So excited!! Let me know what you think.

Much love :)



The ring:
The Charles Bridge in Prague:

The dress I'm thinking of for the civil ceremony in July:

The Jacket I'm thinking of:

The kind of hair I'm thinking of:

The length I currently have: (I'm trying to grow out as much as I can til July- taking Hair Vitamil Pills (Perfectil) so am hoping to add maybe 5cm till then ;)

The shoes I'm thinking of:

Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Update :)

Hi ladies,

I haven't posted here in a while because I have been traveling for the past 7 months and also spend 3 months in Barcelona which was absolutely fabulous! :)

I have been shopping but not as much since I've spent most of my money on traveling ;)

Before I left Australia I bought a Tag Heuer Pink Mother of Pearl Aquaracer Watch which I wear every day and absolutely LOVE! My whole theory is that if you wear something very often it is worth the money because you the value is determined by amount of use ;)
I also bought the LV Sprouse Brown Leopard scarf which I wear all the time here, too, so obviously also worth the money ;)

I bought Bal Sunnies which look fabulous but I don't wear them a lot here since the sun doesn't shine as much- I did in Barcelona though even though my DVB Aviators are still my first choice ;)

I also bought a diamond ring just to spoil myself- I'll take a picture of that later.

And finally, I found the PERFECT '05 Turquoise City!! I know I already have one but it happens to be my favorite bag which I use all the time and this one has the leather I prefer- fluffy and smooth! <3 I love my other one, too, but this one makes my heart beat even faster ;) So I have a back up one now and am completely Bal content! :)

I will post some more outfit pics soon!

Much love,